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A Prayer for Reconciliation


Where there is separation

there is pain.

And where there is pain

there is story.

And where there is story

there is understanding

and misunderstanding


and not listening.

May we — separated peoples, estranged strangers,

unfriended families, divided communities —

turn toward each other,

and turn toward our stories,

with understanding

and listening, with argument and acceptance,

with challenge, change

and consolation.

Because if God is to be found,

God will be found

in the space



-Padraig O Tuama

Correymeela Community

Northern Ireland


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Proposal for Reconciliation & Grace through Separation

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Proposal FAQs


Proposal panel interview

Book of Discipline Addendum

From the UM General Conference:

Comparison chart

Where we are

Responses from:

Bishop Paul Leeland

Bishop Ken Carter

District Superintendent Linda Kelly

Rev. Jan Brittain

Additional commentary:

Rev. Donald Haynes

Rev. Steve West

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