Our amazing ministry staff form a great team focused on leading, serving and caring for our members.  Being good stewards, available, helpful, Christ-like-- this is our ministry team and we can't wait for you to meet them.  Until then, you can check them out below. 

David Beam.JPG

Rev. David Beam

Senior Pastor


Vicki Lawrence

Assistant Pastor

and Youth Leader

Vic Greene (3).JPG

Rev. Vic Greene

Minister of Pastoral Care


Jikhara Williams

Children's Ministry Director

Blanca Rose.JPG

Blanca Guzman

Praise and Worship Team Leader

Kathryn Sellars.JPG

Kathryn Sellers

Administrative Coordinator

Charles Hartley.JPG

Charles Hartley


Margaret Freeman (2).JPG

Rev. Margaret Freeman

Minister of Discipleship


Kraig Lawrence

AV Coordinator

Beverly Barnett.jpg

Beverly Barnett

Chancel Choir Director

Mary Pittman.JPG

Mary Pittman


Loretta Newton.JPG

Loretta Newton

Financial Coordinator

Connie Moyer.JPG

Connie Moyer

Assistant Custodian