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Celebrating Methodism
in Macon County

The history of Methodism in Macon County is rich.  First Franklin joins with our UM brothers and sisters in Christ to celebrate our Bicentennial in Macon County:

  • Asbury

  • Bethel

  • Clark's Chapel

  • Dryman's Chapel

  • Hickory Knoll

  • Highlands

  • Iotla

  • Louisa Chapel

  • Maiden's Chapel

  • Memorial

  • Mulberry

  • Patton

  • Snow Hill

  • Union

Methodism in Macon County

in 2020, we celebrated 200 years of Methodism in Franklin this year. In the spring of 1820, a surveying party laid out the town and it was named for Commissioner Jesse Franklin. It was that same year that the Methodist Episcopal Church established Franklin as a “preaching point” for their circuit riders. This meant that a Circuit Rider from this region would come periodically to Franklin and hold services in the homes of some of the residents. Neighbors would gather together to hear the preacher when he rode into town on horseback.



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